Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just starting out.

Hey! If you just visited this blog I'll tell you a little about myself and what this blog is going to be about. My name is Elizabeth Wolford and I am 15 years old an am currently a freshmen in high school and have a HUGE passion for music. I play violin (5 1/2 years), flute (4 years), and guitar (2 years). I dream of becoming a guitarist in a rock band in the future, or if that doesn't work out, I'm thinking of getting a degree in Music Technology and becoming a record producer. As you can basically tell already, my life is fully centered around my passion for music. I mostly listen to alternative rock, metal, screamo, classic rock, and all sorts of music. Once I start updating my blog more on album reviews, you will see how my taste in music isn't all just centered on one genre. I love listening to music and discovering new bands and artists, so if you have a band that you suggest that I should start listening to... just comment the blog and I'll get right to it and may even post a review on them. My two all time favorite bands are My Chemical Romance and Avenged Sevenfold. I have a lot of other favorite bands too, but those two bands are the bands that have influenced me in my music, and the bands that I follow the most and am most excited hearing about. No, I haven't seen any bands live since my parents think that I am still too "young", but this summer I am planning on attending the Warped Tour and also planning on seeing both A7X and MCR live!! So... enough about me, onto why I created this blog on the first place.

This is a blog where I will be posting band and album reviews with my opinions on them, and also where music lovers everywhere and people who are anxious to hear new music, can even share their reviews on certain bands an albums. Yes, I will be both blogging with criticism and good remarks, so you will see good, honest, real reviews of what I have been listening to. Also I will even post other things along with reviews if I think that many of the viewers on this blog would apprecitate reading about it.

Well, thanks for visiting and come back soon!!

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  1. Hey, it's me, the GeoWhiz (I bet you know you this is!)! Neat blog here! If you didn't visit mine yet, the address is geofactoftheday.blogspot.com! See you tomorrow!